LSP - Your partners for generating optimal solutions to Your business problems. We stand hand in hand with our clients, serving the business while ensuring full compliance with the law.

Our main value is creating added value!

Trust and Teamwork

Personal approach. Following Your vision. Effective communication. Confidentiality and accountability

Quality and Creative Solutions

Professionalism. Adaptability. Sustainable business solutions. International experience.

Personal Responsibility

Accessible and comprehensible consulting. Added value. In-depth analysis. Optimal advice. Integration with Your team.


"Reliable, committed and efficient experts with innovative ideas and personal client-centered approach".

Nicholas Stancioff

"Experienced professionals with aptitude for innovation technologies that ensure legal security for your projects and initiatives".

Reuben Farhi

"Young and trustworthy legal practitioners, who always find practical solutions to difficulties encountered by the business"

Giorgios Siaravas

"Dynamic and flexible team, who delivers high-quality, complex and professional legal services and solutions, demonstrating prompt reaction and competence in various areas of law"

Vladimir Danev, Smart Solutions Hub

"Creative and professional team with broad expertise in advising businesses”

Nikola Filipov, Мanaging partner, Innovo Investment Management